Real-Time Home Surveillance

Discover the Visualint difference ....

The Visualint team and Home Media Solutions delivers a range of products and services based on our 20-year experience in the Security and IT industries. Our products and services utilize the latest technology with advanced features at a realistic price.  When we first looked at the intelligent analytical market, we quickly saw that simply providing an intelligent camera or recorder was not enough. Visualint provides the installer with a complete intelligent security solution. Intelligent video should not simply be viewed as a means to detect intruders; it has endless possibilities and applications. We believe that they are only limited by your imagination.

Visualint intelligent video analytics are capable of performing simultaneous security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, loitering, camera tamper and a wide range of people & vehicle counting functions. The intelligent system continuously monitors and adapts to changes in the environment automatically filtering and rejecting background scatter such as foliage and inclement weather to dramatically reduce false alarm rates.