Vinyl Sales match digital downloads

I love vinyl. The sound of vinyl on tube gear and reference speakers is unmistakable. The robust sound really hits the soul of a person and seems full-bodied to the ears. I love vinyl.

LP's are gaining in popularity and everyone wins. By this I mean, regardless of your mobile device, digital hardware, or mixture thereof, everyone can choose what they like best. After 20+ years selling audio products and services to the general public, I've learned that everyone lives a different lifestyle and the perfect fit is what fits into your lifestyle. In the old days, one would sit down in front of the turntable and listen uninterrupted for an hour or longer. Because vinyl was the only medium, it was accepted as "the proper way to listen to music." Now, with mobile lifestyles and interruptions throughout the day and night, most people don't have the time or environment to really listen the the audio presentation. Most of my customers tell me they can only listen to music for a few minutes-at-a- time due to their busy schedules. And mostly in their car. Not at home.

Vinyl record sales are real and here to stay. The US sales raise then plateau then raise again. The UK is ever rising, and the rest of the globe is increasing steadily. This is a good thing. People like the "feel" of a vinyl record. The Album itself is ART. Photos and lyrics make us pause to appreciate the Artists creation and provide a "tactile" experience as we set it gently on the table and slide the arm into place.

The crackle and pop sound heard every once and a while reminds us of the old days and the open soundstage makes us feel like the artist(s) are in the room. Warm, inviting, and beyond immersive sounds relax us into staying seated at least until the end of side A.

I love vinyl.

Another advantage in rising vinyl sales is the awareness to retailers like Barnes and Nobles and vinyl pressing plants that thrive on vinyl sales. More sales means more attention that results in more recordings released on vinyl. Its a cycle that I hope continues for everyone to enjoy.

Disclaimer* My blog is not a traditional "review". I prefer a conversation style blog. I share my thoughts and feelings based upon 20 years selling audio-video products and services to the general public. Thank you for reading my blog. Brian - Home Media Solutions of Charlotte.

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